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Specific Project Mission

Do you miss feeding fodder to the mother cow? Do you feel like contributing to a girl's education? Here is your fortune to select a specific project that concerns you.

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You can support charities and non-profits for their phenomenal work, choose a cause and make your contribution

The Giving

As we evolve, so do our efforts. With this in mind, here is your chance to show gratitude, and light up the world of those who deserve better!

We are connecting credible charities and non-profits with the donors

Verification & Transparency

We accomplish verification of charities and non-profits after a 360-degree validation, sparing no effort to substantiate their authenticity. We maintain transparency and regularly update you on your donations.

Choice & Safety

We ensure all donations you make are channelized to charities and non-profits of your choice. Our secured and seamless donation system makes sure that you feel safe with every transaction you perform.

Visibility & No Platform Fee

We believe in applauding every compassionate effort done by charities and non-profits. Hence, we provide a dedicated web page for each charity and non-profit listed on our platform, absolutely FREE.

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