They may not speak, but we must hear

As we sleep peacefully in our houses, there exist our partners of the planet who have no home to go, and no voice to speak out their grievances.

As per WHO report, with a population of more than 30 million stray dogs in India, 36% of stray dogs die due to rabies, 95% of stray cattle suffer from gastrointestinal disorders following ingestion of plastic bags, 30% of stray animals die immediately due to road traffic accidents, mostly due to a lack of timely medical assistance.

The absence of conversation about the mental trauma of such beings is fearsome. Doesn’t that ache your heart? It’s time we talk about solving this issue.

While numerous animal advocacy non-profits, charities, and brave hearts go miles ahead to shelter such animals. However, lack of financial support, expensive veterinary aids, and animal birth control techniques, in addition to drying up of donations, are some of the major reasons that halt the noble cause, risking the lives of millions who deserve a home.

We at NEEDBOX identify organizations that are dedicated to animal care, recognize their efforts, and bring them to you.

There might be many reasons why you cannot have a pet, but none of them should stop you from helping the ones who are putting consistent attempts to uplift them. Each donation that you do brings hope and home to these voiceless beings via the following efforts.

  • Rescue of injured animals from the accident site and their emergency medical treatment

  • Sheltering them until adopted

  • Providing a home to non-commercial animals or rejected farm animals due to their lack of capacity to produce useful products such as sterilized cows who cannot produce milk

  • Life-long support to animals who do not find a home

  • Promotion of neutering programs of stray animals (Animal Birth Control)

  • Transport of animals from areas of danger to safe places

  • Disaster management (e.g., forest fires, floods, etc.)

  • Awareness programs to discourage cruelty, abandonment, abuse, and injustice to animals

  • Availability of mobile veterinary clinics, ambulances, shelter homes, and sufficient care-facilities

  • Training of animals for self-defense and upgrading their skills for quick adoptions

Animals go through a lot than we might ever estimate. Their selfless love and unquestionable loyalty cannot be equated to any monetary amount, the least we can do is care and co-exist with them peacefully. After all, we are one big family, and their protection is our duty.

Unleash the hope of life

Each donation that you do brings hope and home to these voiceless beings.