The Giving

As we evolve, so do our efforts. With this in mind, here is your chance to show gratitude, and light up the world of those who deserve better!

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While this world is a tiny place; still, not everyone is heard, not everyone is visible. Your single Like ~ Share has the capacity to change this narrative

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Ways to give

Honor MONTHLY giving

Besides paying the monthly bills, how about creating a habit of doing a monthly donation? When you contribute monthly, your generosity becomes more than just a donation; it becomes an investment.

Give by pledging your birthday

For so many years of meaningful existence in the shade of comfort, now is the moment to support the one who is living an uncomfortable life.

Here is a way to contribute by pledging your birthday.

Honor someone special

To appreciate someone’s contributions to your life or to be grateful to them for the innumerable times they inspired you, here is a thoughtful way of showing gratitude.

Give as per project

Do you miss feeding fodder to the mother cow? Do you feel like contributing to a girl's education? Here is your fortune to select a specific project that concerns you.

We are here to assist you

Please contact us if you'd like to know more about 'The Giving', or have questions about our work, or want to connect with our team.