We are a non-profit for non-profits

A number of non-profits /charities have come forward to reduce the burden of social problems, ranging from healthcare to animal welfare. Their remarkable work has been transforming lives for ages. However, for their work to accelerate and reach every hand that needs aid, there is a need to balance the proportion of help needed and the amount of funds required. We took this issue home long ago, and now we bring to you NEEDBOX, a platform that connects credible non-profits /charities with you as donors and ensures that your donations reach the desired cause. 


How do we work?

Verification & Transparency

We accomplish verification of charities and non-profits after a 360-degree validation, sparing no effort to substantiate their authenticity. We maintain transparency and regularly update you on your donations.

Choice & Safety

We ensure all donations you make are channelized to charities and non-profits of your choice. Our secured and seamless donation system makes sure that you feel safe with every transaction you perform.  

Visibility & No Platform Fee

We believe in applauding every compassionate effort done by charities and non-profits.  Hence, we provide a dedicated webpage for each charity and non-profit listed on our platform, absolutely FREE.


We have a strong legal status

NEEDBOX Foundation is a registered not-for-profit company u/s 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. (Reg. No. 320268, dated January 28, 2019), with the RoC, Mumbai.

NEEDBOX Foundation is registered u/s 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, and with the Director of Income Tax (Exemptions) u/s 80G, valid until 26/5/2027 (Approval no. AAGCN3832JA2021401). 







Kinjal Shethia

Kinjal is an ardent believer in co-existence. With a Ph.D. in banking and finance and several prestigious associations, one of them being Harvard School of Dental Medicine, she carries a diverse portfolio. Nevertheless, she has constantly volunteered in organizations dedicated to animal welfare, the environment, healthcare, and several others. 

Persistent involvement in fieldwork related to such causes exposed her to the disparities involved in the governance of these establishments. Giving the best shot with minimal resources, sheltering beyond capacity, and aiding without financial backups were some of the issues that struck her.

Soon, she realized that each one of us has multiple roles by which we can reduce these gaps between caring and suffering. NEEDBOX is her project to bring in every individual that wishes to lend a hand. She visions to empower the culture of donating and aims to create a tradition of supporting charities and non-profits that work relentlessly to aid the ones in the dark.


Leading the team

A step becomes a run when walked together by many. On our way, we found people with similar experiences, and from them came the motivation to create a space that lends hope.

Vinit Shethia


Sagar Salunkhe

Advisory Board Member

Sarjan Satra

Advisory Board Member

Urvashi Shukla

Advisory Board Member


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