Specific Project Mission

Do you miss feeding fodder to the mother cow? Do you feel like contributing to a girl's education? Here is your fortune to select a specific project that concerns you.

Contribute to feed the cows

In the land where the cow is worshipped as a mother, join us to fulfill your responsibility to make sure every cow receives appropriate fodder, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Support for girls' education

Join hands with organizations that facilitate the enrollment of girls and pave the way towards education for them. Let's give our girls the wings they deserve and the sky they own.

Help cancer patients

Doctors save lives in the operation theatre, you can save it from your room via a heartfelt donation. With your help, we have the power to reach out to those in need.

Support for blood donation camps

Blood donation camps are organized to bridge the gap between voluntary donors and the needy. The backstage process requires funding. To sustain this initiative, we need your contributions.

Get motivated to donate

Here are some of the most inspiring stories of transformed lives through education.

Create a greater impact

Your voice for charities/non-profits can grow louder by inviting your family, friends, and colleague to support a cause you believe in.

We are here to assist you

Please contact us if you'd like to know more about specific projects, have questions about how it works, or want to connect with our team.