What we do

Located at Pragpur Road Junction in Kutch, near Mundra Port and is 44 km away from Bhuj, Ahinsadham, which is now Asia's largest animal and bird welfare centre was established on O5th Nov 1995. In 1990, Shri Jadhavji Ravji Gangar donated 5 acres of land and Shri Damji Lalji Shah and Shri Jadhayji Lalji Shah Anchorwala helped the institution by their initial donation. Shri Mahendra Ratanshi Sangoi had this vision to develop this piece of land creatively to be a model for the world to gain knowledge on Ahinsa or ‘non-violence’. We started this institution in 1990 with 5 acres and 20 animals while today in 2019, ‘Ahinsadham’ is home to 5,000 plus animals and birds spread across 600 Acres. Ahinsadham is a shelter house for weak & vulnerable animals and birds and is widely known as Bhagwan Mahavir Pashu Raksha Kendra Anchorwala Ahinsadham. The institution also harbors a 24x7x365 veterinary hospital which has ICU facilities for 400+ animals.


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